Coated Abrasives

    Manufacturing capacity for coated abrasives on paper, fabric and combinebase producing - 8750 thousands square meters.
    Coated abrasives are used for abrasive treatment of hard, brittle and tough metals, glass, stone, plastic, leather, wood and other materials with or without coolant in base of oil, kerosene, white spirit and water. 2300 standard size coated abrasives are manufactured regarding the abrasive materials' variety of basis, type, dimensions and bonds.
    During manufacturing following materials are used as base:

  • Cotton and synthetic fabrics
  • Waterproof papers and papers for dry grinding
  • Combine - paper + special fabric
  • Fiber

    Selfmanufactured phenolformaldehyde resins and also natural and organic glues are used as an adhesive composition, ensuring in a complex with thermal treatment high operation indicators and good's durability.
    Waterproof and not waterproof Aluminium oxide and Silicon carbide synthetically bonded coated abrasive cloth and paper are manufactured ofthe following grits: P24 ... P600.

In rolls: width - 600...1300 mm length - 20, 30, 40, 50 m
In belts: width - 50 ... 20000 mm length - 1650 ... 7000 mm
Discs: diameter 178 and 225 mm


    Waterproof silicon carbide synthetically bonded coated abrasive paper is manufactured of the following grits: P1200... P60.
In sheets: width - 230, 280, 310 mm
length - 280, 310 mm
    Coated abrasives are sold to the consumers in rolls, bobbins, sheets, discs and belts.

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