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ZAPOROZHABRASIVE is a member of FEPA and SiCMa


Change of the type of joint-stock company from public to private

An annual general meeting of shareholders was held in the hall of the Zaporozhye Abrasive Plant PJSC on April 27, 2017. 19 issues were submitted for consideration.
Part of them concerned the results of financial and economic activities of the company in the reporting year, which the chairman of the board Anatoly Bereza reported to the meeting. The meeting approved the Board's report, the Audit Commission's report, the main indicators of the company's financial and economic activities for the reporting period, profit distribution and other issues on the agenda. A decision was taken to change the type of joint-stock company from public to private, as well as to introduce changes to the Charter.
The meeting also reviewed and approved the planned indicators and main directions of the company's activity in 2017 to modernize production, develop new types of products, introduce energy-saving technologies, automate the information processing and management system.

Due to rename of the street from Dimitrova str. to A.Porady str., the address of combinat was changed to A.Porady 44, str.

Private Joint Stock Company "Zaporozhsky Abrasivny combinat"
Oleksiya Porady str, 44, Zaporozhye, 69014, Ukraine